My PCOS Journey Part 3 – PCOS Side Effects


This is my personal experience since diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I’m not being paid to endorse any insurance company, hospital, doctor, or medicine. This article is simply about my PCOS journey in a three-part series: diagnosis, treatment, and side effects. I simply would like to share my story with fellow PCOS-diagnosed women and families or friends who care about anyone that has the same hormonal disorder as I do. You may take my suggestions in this whole series/journey, but you should heed advice more from experienced dermatologists, ob-gynecologists, and/or other experts you trust. I welcome any advice and support from fellow PCOS-diagnosed women. To better understand my PCOS journey, read the prelude first here – My PCOS journey – The Prelude, next read part 1 here – My PCOS journey – PCOS Diagnosis, and part 2 here – My PCOS journey – PCOS Treatment.

Switching from artificial to natural

On the pill

  • There were no changes in my acne.
  • I had dark discharge while on the pill. It wasn’t a lot but it happened almost everyday in those 30 days.
  • I became very moody. There were moments I would cry spontaneously, even though I’m not the type of person to just break down.
  • I just didn’t feel good. I felt unhappy.

I shared these experiences with friends who were also on the pill. They said they saw amazing effects such as better skin and a bigger chest while on the pill. One friend told me that she did try stopping pills after having taken it for a long while and this caused her skin to regress back to acne and imperfections. This is why she continues to take the pill.

I realized that the pill caused an chemical imbalance with my brain which explained the mood swings. Data also says that pills have various to no side effects per user. 30 days of using it was enough for me to tell that pills aren’t for me. While other ladies may be benefitting from the pills, I wasn’t seeing great results. This also shouldn’t discredit birth control pills entirely. But no matter if the doctor prescribes medicine to you or a friend suggests something that worked for them, if the effects aren’t desirable for you, you shouldn’t have to stick to their recommendation. Stop and go in for another consultation or get a second opinion. Luckily, I had a another option available.

On essential oils

My friend recommended an essential oil blend designed for PCOS. She sent over one bottle of this blend for me to try. It was highly recommended. Little did I know that this was one of the best things to happen in my life!

Essential oils journey in photos

WARNING: Acne photos ahead!

This article will be divided into 3: before, during, and after treatment.

Before Treatment

Me without make-up:

Skin on my chest and back:

Some of the acne were pricked. The brownish-red spots are painful cystic acnes. I also had many whiteheads and blackheads. This isn’t even the worst.

With make-up:

Layers of foundation and concealer later, my face is full of brown dots.

3 types of acne

To add some educational value, I get all 3 types of stressful acnes. See photo above. Click here to read more about these acnes.

During Treatment

I was consistent with my morning and evening routine, which was

  1. Inhale and rub PCOS blend on palms and inner thighs
  2. Follow normal skincare routine

May 2018

Visit to the derma

1st month with treatment: I went to the dermatologist for the cystic acne. The acne was too painful already and no topical medicine helped in getting rid of it. Dra. Leynes had to inject steroids on the acne.

June 2018

During - 2nd month

2nd month with treatment: I use the PCOS blend everyday. A 10mL bottle can reach a little over 2 months. Still no major changes in my acnes. In fact, I still get new ones. On the plus side, this treatment has no side-effects. No unusual discharge. No emotional outbursts, pain, nor allergic reactions.

After Treatment

With the PCOS blend fully consumed, this is the 6-month observation period without the PCOS blend.

July 2018

After - PCOS blend

1st month without treatment: Still no major changes in my acne. I was scared because I felt that I had no defense against my hormones. I consulted with my friend who gave me the PCOS blend. They told me to just observe the results first.

August – September 2018

After - effects

2nd & 3rd month without treatment: Finally, there were signs of improvement! The initial signs that the blend was working were my chest and back stopped getting acne. I also noticed that my skin was less oily. Moreover, the major acne has ebbed. Usually a week before my period, I get more cystic acnes. However, this time none appeared! I only got a few shallow pimples or white heads which were easy to treat. There was even a month when no pimple showed up at all. I didn’t take any oral or topical medicine. I stuck with a simple skincare involving gentler products like cetaphil and sunflower oil.

The Highlight

October 2018

Without make-up:

After - no make up
After - back

4th month without treatment: This is the highlight because no acne anymore! The scars have lightened as well. I can’t reach my whole back area so not much skin care products go on there. This shows that the improvement of my skin really is from within (hormonal). Here’s a summary of  the skin results:

  • No menstruation = No acne on face, chest, and back.
  • With menstruation = A few small acnes on face, but NONE on chest and back.

With make-up:

After - with make up

Minimal use of foundation and concealer for the scars.

November – December 2018

After - signs

5th & 6th month without treatment. Here’s a summary of the skin results:

  • No menstruation = No acne on face, chest, and back.
  • With menstruation = A few small acnes on face, chest and/or back!

I don’t get cystic acne anymore, but as seen in November onwards, the small acnes are starting again, especially during the most hormonal parts of the menstrual cycle.

A blessing in disguise

PCOS has no cure

The PCOS blend has helped produce improvements on my skin better than anything I’ve ever tried before such as various skin care products and birth control pills. I had no side effects or experienced anything uncomfortable. The essential oils continued their internal healing even after I’ve stopped using the blend. However, as I’ve said before, PCOS has no cure. The acne came back by the 6th month since without the PCOS blend. So what’s next?

I restarted my PCOS blend treatment by researching on the specific essential oils to continue my healing journey, more determined than ever to create a more lasting solution. I studied about essential oils to be able to create my own PCOS blend which I will use on myself and share with everyone who’ll be needing it.

It is my opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. This whole PCOS side effects struggle is actually a blessing in disguise. Join me on my plant-based healing journey or stick around to read my continuous progress using the PCOS blend.

Thanks for reading my story!

Share with anyone who has the same PCOS side effects like me and if you’re an advocate for PCOS awareness. Thank you again to my friend for letting me discover the powers of essential oils!

Read the full series of my PCOS journey here:

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  2. My PCOS Journey Part 1 – PCOS Diagnosis
  3. My PCOS Journey Part 2 – PCOS Treatment

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